Tips for Sellers | Clever Property.

Declutter whist keeping your personality:

It's a good idea for people to be able to see your home and not the excess we all have. This may be a good time to free your life of all of that unneeded stuff. Perhaps give to charity, donate things to a friend or put loveded possessions into storage. Moving home is a lifestyle shift and a lot of the people will look at your home and wonder what it feels like to live there themselves. Don't get rid of everything and make your place look like hotel room - personality speaks volumes giving a flavour of the attractive parts of your home and lifestyle.

Fix up look sharp:

Now may be the perfect time to give your wall a fresh lick of paint - neutral colours are best to give rooms a larger appearance. Fix up those little bits of DIY - making sure all bulbs and door handles are working. Just enough to give a great first impression.

Let the light in:

Giving your windows a quick clean, in and out does wonders for brightening your home. Mirrors can give a greater depth of brightness. And consider positioning lamps in those darker corners of your property.

Make it look and feel pretty:

Plants and flowers bring colour and brightness at minimal expense. Perhaps think about smells and aromas, bad smells can be a put off try and fix what you can - blocked drains, get rid of old furniture, open windows where possible especially when cooking.

Instruct a Solicitor:

You may just be at the beginning of move, however it's a good a idea to think about the actual process. Instructing a solicitor at the early stages will ensure you are ready to move at a good pace once you have accepted an offer from a buyer. The selling process is usually 28 days but can take longer, it's a good idea to be ready to avoid any delays.

Completing your sale:

You’re almost ready to move, both solicitors are happy with the contract and you’re getting ready to move. Hopefully your buyers and you have a date in mind that coincides, however this is sometimes not the case and it important to be flexible at this time to avoid any last minute problems. Bear in mind the time and logistics to pack and actually move on the big day.